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Stanley Aerolight IceFlow Bottle With Fast Flow Lid Review

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stanley aerolight iceflow bottle
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

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If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I prefer to keep things as light as possible whenever I travel, well, basically anywhere. When I go to the gym, I’ll usually opt for leggings with pockets just to avoid carrying around a gym bag for my keys or cell phone. When I commute to an office space, you can bet that I’m traveling with the most lightweight tote imaginable. And even when I take a vacation or fly abroad, I like to ensure that I’m packing no more than what can fit into a carry-on or weekender bag. I hate feeling like I’m being bogged down or carrying a ton of baggage in my day-to-day, and that extends to even the smallest details of my commute — including my water bottle.

I’ve been weary about investing in one of Stanley’s internet-famous tumblers for this precise reason — you know, the one that seemingly every influencer and internet cool-girl has plastered across their social media feed. For all of the product’s rave reviews, there have also been a bevy of criticisms about just how heavy the tumbler is, and how inconvenient it can be to lug it around from place to place with no respite or relief — the drinkware is famously impossible to carry around in a bag without the potential for spillage. And the cup’s hefty frame has even become a meme on TikTok (as most great things do) with users joking that the tumbler is so bulky, it’s given them “tennis elbow” or is comparable to an “emotional support water weapon.”

Evidently, Stanley has picked up on these concerns, and recently introduced a lightweight alternative to its famous predecessor via the Aerolight IceFlow Water Bottle ($26, originally $35) — which features the same durable and insulated design as the brand’s cult-favorite tumbler, but within a traditional bottle silhouette. Even better? It’s remarkably lightweight and easy to travel with.

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I was immediately interested in the water bottle’s functional design — especially with the emphasis on it being lightweight. Stanley was kind enough to send the bottle for me to test out firsthand. Ahead, I break down everything to know about the product, from its stylish coloring and practical top-handle design to the bottle’s effectiveness in keeping my water ice cold for hours at a time. Keeping reading for my full review of Stanley’s Aerolight IceFlow Water Bottle.

What I Like About This Stanley Water Bottle

In the simplest terms: I love it because it’s so light and easy to carry around. The bottle is available to shop in four different sizes: 16, 24, 36, and 50 ounces. I personally decided to try the 36-ounce model because I felt like it would give me a sense of how heavy the bottle is when filled up with plenty of water and ice without being excessive. (That said, the 50-ounce bottle might be a better option for athletes or those who simply have a more impressive daily water intake than me.)

The bottle’s cap is easy to screw off, and since there’s no straw taking up space on the inside of the product, I have the ability to fill it fully with ice and water. Unlike other water bottles, this version has two different sipping options: you can either take the lid off entirely for a wide-mouth opening (great for adding ice), or you can unscrew the top cap for a smaller sip. I’ve taken it with me on roadtrips, hikes, flights, and while bopping around running errands on the weekends. Thus far, I haven’t experienced any issues with spilling or leaking, and the bottle manages to keep my water ice cold for extended periods of time — if I fill it up before I go to bed with ice and water, the liquid is still ice cold the next morning when I wake up, meaning it’s keeping everything insulated for anywhere from seven to 10 hours.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

There are also so many thoughtful details incorporated into the design. For example, the Fast Flow Lid boasts a unique slanted design that’s leakproof and allows for a smaller carrying handle on the top. Plus, the lid also features a side-slot where I can insert my cap, that way I don’t have to worry about holding it or keeping tabs on where it is when I’m not using it.

Lastly, and as silly as it may be, I’m obsessed with just how stylish the water bottle is. The product looks incredibly modern with its sleek silhouette, and the color is fun enough that I feel excited to carry it around as an accessory — though it matches with a lot of the colors already in my wardrobe, and therefore doesn’t stick out too much.

What’s Worth Noting

My only qualm with this water bottle is with the lid design, and the fact that it’s prone to scratching. Whenever I go to drink from the bottle, I push the lid’s handle to the opposite side of the product so that I’m able to easily drink water without any obstruction. The lid is made from the same durable stainless steel as the bottle and features exposed metal on the sides of the handles. I’ve noticed that if I push the handle all the way down, the exposed metal can scratch the sides of the water bottle, leaving line marks and — in the worst circumstances, per reviews on Stanley’s website — even scratch off the bottle’s color coating. Some shoppers have remedied this by placing a sticker over that area on the bottle to provide an additional layer of protection, while I’ve personally just learned to be more careful when adjusting the position of the lid handle. I definitely wouldn’t consider this to be a major fault of the product, nor would it deter me from buying it again. However, if you want to preserve the color and condition of the bottle, it’s certainly something to be aware of.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Who Is This Stanley Water Bottle Best For?

If you (like me) prefer to travel with as little as possible, you’ll appreciate just how lightweight this insulated water bottle is — so much so, that I honestly forget I’m carrying it at all. Per Stanley’s website, the product is made from an ultra-light spun steel technology that’s designed with easy transportation in mind — meaning you can take it everywhere with ease, from the gym to the airport, office, and beyond. The bottle also features a lid handle, which makes it even easier to tow if you don’t have a bag or cupholder to slip it into it. The bottle’s double-wall vacuum insulation helps to keep any liquids cold for up to 10 hours, making it a great tool for staying hydrated on long days outside of the house. I’d recommend this bottle to anyone who wants to ensure they stay well-hydrated throughout their day-to-day, and all without having to lug around a clunky, oversize tumbler.

Where Is This Stanley Water Bottle Available to Shop?

This water bottle is available to shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Stanley.

Additional Details

  • The Stanley Aerolight IceFlow Bottle is available to shop in 20 different colorways, including citron green, polar white, lavender, rose quartz glimmer (my shade of choice), classic black, and more.
  • This product is made from a recycled stainless steel material that’s durable and smooth.
  • Unlike most steel water bottles, this lightweight version from Stanley is dishwasher-safe and is even designed to be compatible with most cupholders.
  • The bottle boasts double-wall vacuum insulation, which helps to create an airtight frame that keeps liquids colder and fresher longer.



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