Monday, July 15, 2024




Amazon’s AI shopping assistant Rufus is live for all U.S. customers

Amazon rolled out its AI-powered shopping assistant, Rufus, to all U.S. customers in its mobile app. Why it matters. This move signals Amazon’s push...

LinkedIn’s AI ad tool to launch globally this fall

LinkedIn is preparing to roll out Accelerate, its AI-driven campaign tool, to all advertisers globally by early fall. Why we care. By embracing Accelerate,...

How to remove court records from Google: 3 effective strategies

Legal issues can drag on for ages. That’s the simple, unfortunate truth.  Worse, once a legal matter is filed in court, the case is...

Hidden Google tool reveals GA4 and Google Ads discrepancies

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) contains a concealed report that allows users to compare conversions exported to Google Ads and explains discrepancies between the...






Sew-in Hairstyles: A Hairstylist Shares What to Know

While each product featured is independently selected by our editors, we may include paid promotion. If you buy something through our links, we may earn commission. Read more...

40 Romantic TV Shows on Netflix

There's something on Netflix for everyone: horror buffs, prestige drama binge-watchers, classic movie lovers. But if you're looking for something that pulls at...

What Is Sensory Low Registration in Children and Adults?

Tripping over objects on the floor, bumping into things often, having your clothing caught on doors or drawers — these are all mishaps...

Interview With Teen Paraclimber Raveena Alli

For Alli, climbing is about growth, and growth comes from falling. "Growth looks like those moments where I don't quite make it," she...