Friday, June 21, 2024

19 Best Mascaras of 2024, According to Editors

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Finding the perfect mascara is like dating. You expect a lot from your pick, and you never want to settle for less than what you need. When it comes to your lashes, you want the best mascara out there. One that does it all: lengthens, volumizes, curls, and thickens, all while avoiding clumps and the dreaded makeup goop in the corner of the eye that Chandler Bing complained about.

But the list of qualities you want in a mascara might not stop there. Some people need a waterproof mascara they can wear to a wedding or at the beach without fear of smudging. Others need something that will hold a curl, even on the straightest eyelashes. And some people are on the hunt for a drugstore mascara that fits into a tight budget — or arrives in just two days from Amazon. No matter what your qualifications are, mascara puts the finishing touch on any makeup look, so it’s important to get right.

Thankfully, PSR editors have dated around for you and tried out dozens of wands, formulas, and innovative tubes, picking the very best mascaras of 2024. Keep scrolling for the best — among these all-star picks, you’re sure to find “the one.”

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