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Best UGG Slippers For Women

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If TikTok fads and celebrity streetwear aesthetics are any indicators of what’s popular in fashion (spoiler: they absolutely are), then UGG slippers are oe of most coveted styles on the planet right now — and for good reason. While there are a lot of pandemic-related things I’d love to forget, comfy fashion certainly isn’t one of them. And over the last few years, UGG has maximized on this cozy trend in ways that few brands have.

The label’s plush slippers and soft ankle boots have been splashed all across my social media feed for months, and the bestselling UGG Tasman Slippers have quickly become the off-duty staple for supermodels and celebrities alike. Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Megan Fox have all been spotted in their own variations of UGG’s bestselling slippers, including those quirky Fluff Yeah Slides. And after attempting to snag a pair of my own, I realized just how impossible it is to actually shop for UGG slippers while they’re still in stock.

I was fortunate enough to scoop up the famous Tasman UGGs earlier this year, but if you (like me) have been trying and otherwise failing to invest in a pair for your own wardrobe, I went ahead and rounded up the best UGG slippers that are comfy, colorful, and well-stocked — at least for a limited time. Trust me, if you’re looking to treat yourself right about now, this is a purchase you can feel good about.

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