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23 One-Word Tattoos | POPSUGAR Beauty

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If you’ve been considering getting a one-word tattoo, you might be wondering where to start. Should you get something short and sweet or go for a smaller part of an entire quote? Not only that, but even once you’ve decided on your one-word tattoos, you’ll need to figure out what style to get it in. Will you go with a traditional-style script or opt for a fine-line design? Once you’ve made up your mind on all of that, you’ll need to think about placement. Will it fit perfectly on your finger or would a bicep be the best spot?

Regardless of all the questions that come with one-word tattoos, they’re seriously one of the most versatile pieces that you can have etched onto your body. Yes, all designs are beautiful, whether they’re intricate, basic, large, or tiny in size, but looking at how other people scale their tattoos, whether they be massive, realistic pieces or small, fine-line designs, can help you to decide on how you want to curate your own one-word tattoo to your specific tastes and you can morph your tattoo into almost any design you want.

Tattoos with just a single word can truly stand out, so if you’re looking to get inked, let these ideas inspire you to wear your heart on your sleeve (or your ankle, back, wrist, what have you). These small words are reminders of the great things you can accomplish, no matter what may come your way.

Keep reading to see the prettiest word-tattoo ideas (many in different fonts and styles), and let your new ink be a fresh reminder of just how powerful words can be.

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