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The Prada Bob: Everything to Know About Joey King’s Cut

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There’s something different about Joey King, and this we know for sure: we’re ready to steal her entire look. The actor popped by the Cannes Film Festival to attend the “La Plus Precieuse des Marchandises” red carpet, but instead of her usual long blond hair, King had a chic new bob haircut. The style, which her hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos dubbed the “Prada bob,” is the latest summer hair trend making waves.

Both sophisticated and playful, this latest tweak on the classic bob cut is guaranteed to be all over your social media feeds this season. Ahead, King’s hairstylist breaks down everything to know about the trending style, like who it works best on and how you can get the look for yourself.

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Dimitris Giannetos is a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles and New York.

What Is the Prada Bob?

First and foremost, it all starts with an exaggerated side part. From there, “The Prada bob is a short blunt cut, swooping inward right above the jawline,” celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos tells PS. “It is asymmetric, but gives the illusion of being a few centimeters longer toward the nape of the neck.”

According to Giannetos, any hair type can achieve this look.

How to Get the Prada Bob

If King’s new look has you ready to book a hair appointment, make sure you arrive at the salon with inspiration photos in hand. This will ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page about both the length and the style. You can always ask for the cut by name, or you can say you’d like a blunt cut that starts about a half of an inch above the jawline. It should be the tiniest bit longer at the nape of the neck and shorter toward the front — that’s what gives it the asymmetric look.

When it comes to styling, Giannetos suggests you straighten the hair and then style it “to slightly curl inward at the bottom toward the chin.” If you’re on the market for a great tool, we recommend the Ghd Chronos Styler ($329) to help you get your hair nice and sleek. For an extra slick look, use a product like the Wella Professionals Luxury Hair Oil ($45) to add some shine. King’s hairstyle featured a simple bobby pin on one side, but you can choose to accessorize however you want, whether it’s with headbands or hair clips.

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Prada Bob Inspiration

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