Thursday, June 13, 2024

Google News and Discover not loading for many searchers

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Google is having some technical difficulties this morning with its news engine. Google News, the news tab in Google Search, Google Discover, Google Trends and other Google services that use news publications, are currently not returning results for many searchers.

The issue I believe started a couple of hours ago but is now getting worse and happening for more and more Google searchers.

What it looks like. Here are some screenshots of Google News taking down parts of Google Search, the Google News homepage, Google Discover feeds and more.

Google News Tab Broken
Google News Homepage Not Loading
Google Discover BrokenGoogle Discover Broken

The last screenshot is from @Rakesh0522.

Why we care. This may result in less traffic to news publishers, while Google works to address these issues. Google News, the news tab in Google Search, Google Discover and Google Trends all send a significant amount of traffic to publishers.

If you notice a decline in traffic this morning – this may be why.

Fixed? At about 9:35 am ET, I am now seeing news results return to Google News related services. Then at 11:30 am ET Google confirmed the issue is resolved.

Confirmed. Google later confirmed the issue, here is the post from Google’s Search Liaison:

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