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If you’re someone who’s in the nail salon every two weeks like clockwork, you’re probably always on the hunt for fresh, fun ideas you can bring with you to your next appointment. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes slightly more obscure trends like galaxy nails or more generic, celebrity-loved ones like the popular”blueberry milk” manicure, you can’t deny that getting a fresh manicure is like getting a hit of dopamine every time you look down at your hands. If your Pinterest board has been looking a little stale lately, allow us to introduce to you a new trend that’s been going viral on social media: “Douyin nails.”

Douyin is China’s version of TikTok, but the name’s come to describe quite a few different beauty trends, like Douyin makeup, Douyin blush, and now Douyin nails, which all originated from Chinese creators. The makeup version typically features soft looks with shimmery eyeshadow and heavy pink blush, and that directly translates to the nail trend as well.

Curious about how you can get the look? Ahead, two nail experts share everything you need to know about Douyin nails. Keep scrolling to learn what the trend is and how to achieve it at home and to see inspiration photos you can bring with you to your next salon appointment.

Experts Featured in This Article

Jin Soon Choi is a nail artist and the founder of JINsoon.

Rachel Joseph is a bi-coastal manicurist based in New York City and Los Angeles.

What Are Douyin Nails?

“Douyin nails generally suit long or medium lengths in stiletto, almond, and coffin shapes,” manicurist Jin Soon Choi tells PS. The longer your nails, the more surface area you have to work with for fun designs, but she notes that the trend also works on short nails, especially round ones.

One thing to remember? “Douyin nails embody a youthful and fun aesthetic, perfect for expressing your creativity,” Choi says. “There are no rules, so let your fun ideas out and enjoy.”

How to Get Douyin Nails

If you’re heading to a salon, it’s important to bring along inspiration photos and discuss what you’re looking for with your nail technician. From there, Joseph suggests asking for a milky, neutral base. “You could do a super-soft-pink airbrush look to give the blush effect,” she says. “Another option would be a neutral base with rhinestones.” If you’re feeling up for it, you could even combine the two.

If you’re wanting to achieve the look at home, Joseph says to start with a sheer base, like Bio Seaweed Gel in the shade 273 Milkshake ($18). From there, add a few of the Daily Charme Nail Crystals (price varies) using nail glue, or seal them in with a builder gel.

If you’re looking to take an easier route that doesn’t require much effort, there are quite a few options for press-on nails available that only require you to add a little bit of nail glue. Our favorite picks are the RikView Press-On Glossy Nails ($9) or something similar.

If you’re looking for ideas you can bring with you to your next nail appointment, keep scrolling for our favorite iterations of Douyin nails.

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