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David Beckham’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

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David Beckham’s “Pray For Me” Wrist Tattoo

The phrase “Pray For Me” is inked horizontally across the outside of his right wrist as an intricate cloud-like shading surrounds the words. The soccer player got the script tattoo in 2007, close to his career-defining move from Manchester United to the LA Galaxy.

David Beckham’s “Victoria” Tattoo

Beckham got his wife’s name “Victoria” inked on the back of his right hand. Two hummingbirds are also tattooed on each side around the text, likely symbolizing the peace and harmony in their familial lives.

David Beckham’s “99” Tattoo

The year 1999 marks an especially memorable period of Beckham’s life. He and Victoria got married and welcomed their first-born Brooklyn, while the soccer player achieved many career milestones, including Manchester United winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League. So, it’s no wonder that he has the number “99” inked on the back of his right pinky. “99 was a good year for me…,” he captioned a 2015 Instagram post sharing a close-up of the piece.

David Beckham’s “Dream Big, Be Unrealistic” Tattoo

Inspired by Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Rose Bowl performance during the “On the Run” tour in 2014, Beckham put the powerful quote “Dream Big / Be Unrealistic” on the back of his right hand in beautiful cursive handwriting.

David Beckham’s “VIII.V.MMVI” and “De Integro” Wrist Tattoos

Beckham and Victoria honored their love for one another by renewing their vows in a private ceremony on May 8, 2006. To mark the special occasion, the married couple got the date inscribed on their right wrists in Roman numerals “VII.V.MMVI.” To complete the matching designs, they also got the Latin phrase “De Integro” tattooed below the date, which, in English, means “Again from the start.”

David Beckham’s Harper’s Drawing Tattoo

In 2015, Beckham debuted his newly minted hand tattoo featuring an adorable stick-figure drawing from his youngest daughter, Harper. There’s also a heart outline next to the scribbling. “Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy ❤,” read the caption.

David Beckham’s “32” Hand Tattoo

The number “32” — Beckham’s jersey number when he joined the AC Milan Club in 2009 — is inked on the back of his right hand, on the space between his thumb and the index finger.

David Beckham’s “My Love” Tattoo

On his right knuckles, Beckham has the text “My Love” tattooed in cursive handwriting.

David Beckham’s Knights Templar Cross Tattoo

Beckham got the symbolic cross of the Knights Templar tattooed on the inside of his right wrist, representing his team spirit as a professional soccer player.

David Beckham’s “Siete” Finger Tattoo

The Latin word “Siete” is inscribed on the top of Beckham’s right index finger, which means “nap” in English.

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