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Bimbocore Nails Are a Nostalgic Trend

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As much as some millennials may want to deny it, Y2K trends are still steadily making their way back into our lives. Whether it’s fashion-centric looks like low-rise jeans and visible bra straps, or beauty trends like marinated makeup and ultra-thin eyebrows, the 2000s are coming for all of us, and it might be time to embrace it. The latest trend to get its time in the spotlight has a fairly interesting name, but when you see it, you’ll be sprinting to the nail salon. Say hello to “bimbocore” nails.

Wondering WTF bimbocore nails are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The hashtag #bimbocore has over 140 million views and counting, and the nail trend is essentially the epitome of Y2K. Picture anything you would have seen on a T-shirt in the early aughts, and it’s that — but in nail-art form.

Interested in taking the trend for a test drive or just want to learn more? We asked a manicurist everything we should know about the trend, including how to get the look at home and the best nail art to pair with your nails.

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Mazz Hanna is the CEO of Nailing Hollywood.

What Are Bimbocore Nails?

“Bimbocore nails feature bold feminine aesthetics that resemble fashion trends from the early 2000s,” Hanna tells PS. “[A lot of] hot pink, rhinestones, animal prints, and shiny textures.” The trend most often features different twists on french tips as a base, but we’ve seen the look with solid base colors as well. Layered on top is usually animal print, hearts, and flames, usually in blues, pinks, and purples. As for the different kinds of embellishments, we’ve seen everything from the Playboy Bunny logo to Hello Kitty, as well as hearts and 3D stars.

“Bimbocore nails are a bold choice that is meant to make a statement, so they look best on long to extra long nails,” Hanna says. You’ll typically see them on square-shaped nails, although the look can be customized to fit all lengths and shapes.

How to Get Bimbocore Nails

“Since this look typically requires a lot of embellishments, it may be more challenging to achieve at home,” Hanna says. However, if you’re up to the challenge, Hanna suggests starting with a pink-toned base color like Dazzle Dry Kaleidoscope ($22). From there, you can add fun nail stickers, rhinestones, or, if you’re confident in your nail art skills, hand-drawn animal print.

If you’re looking for an easier route that isn’t so involved, there are plenty of press-on nail options available that already have the look, all you have to do is apply nail glue and pop them on. Our current favorite is the Imsohot Long Press on Nails ($8), which features a zebra-print french tip and Hello Kitty embellishments.

If you’re planning to visit a salon, Hanna says you should bring a photo or video of the look you’re going for so that you and your nail artist are on the same page. If you want to add specific embellishments and you aren’t sure your nail salon will have them, make sure to bring them along. We love the 3D Metal Nail Charms ($6) set from Amazon, which has a ton of Y2K-themed nail charms.

Keep scrolling for some our favorite iterations of the bimbocore nail trend that you can bring with you to your next nail appointment for inspiration.

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