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Best Latin Songs of 2024 So Far: Staff Picks

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From Xavi’s “La Diabla” to Karol G’s “Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido,” see our picks here for the best Latin tracks from 2024’s first six months.

Latin artists across all genres have been unstoppable this year — some have stayed faithful to their sound, others have gone full experimental, and others are making entirely new waves in 2024. 

Three songs that have dominated the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart this year (so far) are representative of that: With “La Diabla,” Xavi became a household name with his fresh corrido romantico sound; Peso Pluma experimented with dreamy pop music on Kali Uchis’ “Igual Que Un Ángel”; and “Gata Only” put Chilean newcomers FloyyMenor and Cris MJ on the international map. 

The former of the three smashes hit No. 1 on the Jan. 6-dated chart, where it reigned for 14 non-consecutive weeks. The latter is on its 11th consecutive week at No. 1 after peaking on April 20. The Kali and Peso collab also crowned the chart for one week at the end of January.

Also reflected in our list of the best Latin songs from 2024’s first six months are surprising collaborations, such as Camilo and Carin León’s feel-good salsa “Una Vida Pasada,” Belinda & Natanael Cano’s “300 Noches” and Prince Royce & Gabito Ballesteros’ regional-bachata fusion “Cosas de la Peda.”

Meanwhile, Artists such as Karol G and Myke Towers stepped out of the reggaetón realm to explore the merengue world. The Colombian artist dropped “Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido” and Towers released “La Capi” — both of which scored high on the Billboard charts. 

Música Mexicana, Latin urban, pop and tropical are all having their respective moments this year. See the ranked list below of the 24 songs that have impressed us the most through 2024’s first six months.

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