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’90s Fabric Headband Trend Is Coming Back

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The ’90s and early aughts were all about accessories. From stretch chokers to butterfly clips, slap bracelets, and rhinestone tattoos, an outfit was nothing without a little pizazz. Hair accessories were particularly hot at the time and, since then, many have made a triumphant return, like claw clips and our new personal favorite: stretchy fabric headbands.

Back when we were throwing on a cotton headband before running out the door to catch the bus, we never could have imagined we’d be returning to the style as an adult. However, with other nostalgic styles trending in the beauty space — like pigtails, money-piece highlights, and “The Rachel” haircut — this news should come as no surprise. A quick scroll on TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest proves just how popular the look is again. At its creation, we were looking to ’90s icons like Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport from “Clueless” for style inspiration, and despite it being a cool 28 years later (if you can imagine), that statement still rings true.

We get the appeal: cotton headbands are more comfortable than other popular styles at the time (like zig-zag headbands), easy to throw on when you’re in a rush, and can keep your hair out of your face (so if you’re trying to grow out a pair of curtain bangs, it’s no biggie). In its comeback era, you can catch the casual, sporty style on everyone from models Bella Hadid and Lori Harvey to actor Nicola Peltz Beckham.

To get in on the ’90s headband trend just in time for summer, head to Amazon to pick up some options — like the Goody Ouchless Comfort Headwraps ($3) and the Kenz Laurenz Cotton Headbands ($11) — and keep scrolling for inspiration on how to wear it. Just be warned: the following photos will immediately give you a flashback to the aisles of your local drugstore as a child, begging your mom to buy you a new pack.

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