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29 Sexy Back Tattoos | POPSUGAR Beauty

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Tattoos are one of the easiest ways to express your sense of style. Like any beauty trend, though, there are certain designs that cycle in popularity — and then there are ones that remain timeless, like back tattoos.

Back tattoos have gotten a bad rap in the past — particularly lower back tattoos, sometimes known by its more derogatory name, the “tramp stamp” (which is currently having a resurgence thanks to the popularity of Y2K aesthetics) — but there are other placements in the area that have proven to be quite popular over the years. From spine tattoos to a little ink right above your waistline, there are plenty of back tattoos that are undeniable sexy and are not anywhere near your derrière.

Whether flaunted in tanks or hidden under t-shirts, back tattoos have the ability to be be both sensual and discreet. You can get stunning designs like fine-line tattoos on places like your upper-shoulder blade or down your side. Or, you can spice it up with a design either right above or on your butt cheek. (Yes, that still counts as your back.)

If you’re ready to enter your sexy back tattoo era, we’ve rounded up a collection of back tattoo designs that we guarantee you won’t look back at and regret. Seriously, we’ve got your back.

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