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What to Pack For Sedona

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In “Pack With Me,” influencers and editors give us a rundown of their travel must-haves and a few travel hacks to go along with them. For this installment, PS shopping editor Kyley Warren shares what essentials are necessary for a trip to Sedona, Arizona.

There’s something magical about Sedona, Arizona — don’t take my word for it, just ask the millions of travelers who flock to the city each year, hoping to immerse themselves in the town’s one-of-a-kind aura. Kendall Jenner famously roadtripped through Sedona during the pandemic (alongside then beau Devin Booker), Reese Witherspoon ventured out on the most photogenic girl’s trip through the city back in 2018, and in an interview with PS, Lauren London revealed that she recently visited (and loved) the peaceful destination.

I’m an Arizona native who grew up right outside of Red Rock Country, so I’m all too familiar with what makes this region of the southwest so special. From its towering red rock buttes and unique cultural identity to the wide array of resorts, restaurants, and hiking trails that are perfect for all types of adventurers, there’s truly no place like Sedona.

Whether you’re going on a meditation retreat, visiting a five-star resort, or are simply hoping to get an authentic taste of the desert, I’ve curated a Sedona travel guide that’ll help you plan your next trip with ease. Keep reading for my advice on what to pack for Sedona, plus my best Sedona travel tips.

Best Packing Tips For Sedona

Your Sedona packing list will vary depending on when you plan to visit the city, but there are a couple staple items you should have handy in any season. Hiking is a huge draw of the town, with trails like Devil’s Bridge, Bell Rock Climb, and Cathedral Rock being some of the most popular. Many of these hikes require you to scale actual red rock, which is known for being incredibly slick, especially following a rainstorm. With that, you’ll want to make sure you have a pair of hiking boots with ample grip support, that way you’ll be able to hike any trail without fear of slipping.

Like most of Arizona, Sedona is known to have a lot of sunny days. Whether you’re setting out on an afternoon trek through the red rock or lounging by your resort’s pool, sunscreen is essential.

Despite the city’s reputation for being a haven for hikers and nature-lovers, Sedona is also home to some of the state’s most luxurious hotels and spas — like L’Auberge de Sedona or Enchantment Resort — as well as five-star restaurants like Mariposa Latin-Inspired Grill and Elote Cafe. Make sure to squeeze a few nicer outfits into your suitcase to visit any of these hotspots, as they have more formal dress codes.

Best Travel Tips For Sedona

Sedona is one of Arizona’s most touristed cities and arguably one of the most popular in the entire southwest — which means that regardless of the season, it’s bound to be busy. The red rock town is a hot spot during the spring and summer thanks to its wonderfully sunny and warm (but still cooler than Phoenix) weather, and during the fall, locals and tourists alike flock to the city for a glimpse of Sedona’s autumnal color palette.

Because of its year-round popularity, I recommend booking tickets for any excursions you might want to try well in advance of your trip. If you have your sights set on one of the famous Pink Jeep Tours or a guided hike through Sedona’s spiritual vortexes, coordinate reservations before your travels so you won’t run the risk of missing out on these beloved adventures.

And while renting a car isn’t necessary for exploring Sedona, it will help you break up your trip and get outside of the city if you’d like to see more of Arizona. Phoenix is a two-hour drive from Sedona; Flagstaff (a beloved mountain town) is about 47 minutes north of Sedona by car; and the Grand Canyon South Rim is a little over two hours away from Sedona. Each of these stunning southwest locations double as great day trips that are all easily accessible from Red Rock Country.

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