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What Is a Butt Facial?

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Whether it’s the middle of a suns-out-buns-out summer or yoga pant-clad winter where we’ve sweat through too many spin classes, our butts need TLC too. Turns out, the skin back there can be just as susceptible to woes you experience elsewhere, like hyperpigmentation, buttne (aka butt acne), loss of elasticity, and wrinkles. So, it’s only logical that “butt facials” exist. But what are they, really?

These treatments aren’t dissimilar from your standard face facials, but tend to include tweaks that address your bum’s specific skin issues. They’re growing in popularity, especially in summertime — with dermatologists and aestheticians across the country beginning to offer butt facials as a part of their practice. Some of us may choose a butt facial for a boost of booty confidence in the bedroom while others want a beach glow from behind, but we all deserve to be pampered by the back door.

Here, skin experts explain exactly what you can expect from a butt facial — and why this particular spa service may be worth exploring. Bottoms up.

Experts Featured in This Article

Kimberly Austin is a medical aesthetician at 7QSpa in Los Angeles.

Lusanik Galustanian, MD, is a board-certified internist and the owner of the medical spa Skinsation in Los Angeles.

What Is a Butt Facial?

A butt facial is, well, just what it sounds like — a facial for your butt — and contains many of the same steps and personalization that a traditional facial would offer. “Steaming, cleansing, a light physical scrub, extractions (if needed), and a jelly mask or cream mask,” medical aesthetician Kimberly Austin tells PS. “And if the patient has some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, we can use a light acid to lighten the spots, followed by moisturizer.”

Some estheticians may opt to take it a step further and incorporate LED lights, peels, or massage . . . and who couldn’t use a little glute massage?

Benefits of a Butt Facial

Our butts, just like our faces, can reap the benefits of targeted skincare and in-office treatments. In fact, since “It’s an area many people neglect. When taking care of your skin, it’s important not only to treat your face but also your body,” says internist and med spa owner Lusanik Galustanian. Her clinic, Skinsation, offers a “booty facial” as part of their curated facial services. “Whether you have breakouts on your tush from staying in sweaty gym clothes too long, dryness and flakiness from not exfoliating, or cellulite from poor circulation, this facial will target it all.”

Experts like Dr. Galustanian recommend adding buttocks facials into your routine a few times a year, rather than just summer, to help keep acne, ingrown hairs, and dryness at bay all year round.

What To Expect in a Butt Facial

Overall, a butt facial will be handled with the same professionalism and care as a massage or facial treatment. Providers begin with intake forms and a full consultation to better understand your needs/candidacy and provide an opportunity for client-to-provider dialogue to answer questions or ease jitters. “It might feel a little awkward in the beginning, but our providers ensure the client is fully relaxed and comfortable,” says Dr. Galustanian. “Falling asleep during the session isn’t uncommon.”

Once it’s time to start the treatment, you’ll change into a robe and lay down to get the party (butt facial) started. The individual steps will ultimately depend on your needs and the provider, but most butt facials have the same framework: cleanse, treat, hydrate. “We start off by cleansing, steaming, and exfoliating the area. Then extract all breakouts if needed, followed by a body buffer, mask specifically customized for the client, moisturizer, LED light, and a massage,” Dr. Galustanian says.

Afterward, you’ll want to avoid tight-fitting clothing (and sweat-inducing workouts while you’re at it) and stick to the routine recommendations from your provider.

Best Products to Maintain Butt Facial Results

While pro-facials will always bring a greater attention to detail, access to medical-grade devices, and more impactful results, there are still ways to maintain your booty glow from home. In fact, many brands have begun to offer products specifically tailored to DIY butt facials. Click through ahead for some our favorites.

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