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The Best Ninja Creami Recipes from TikTok

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If there is one, singular device that I’m convinced could bring the entire universe together, it would be the Ninja Creami ($200). The beloved kitchen appliance has been everywhere lately — your TikTok’s For You Page, your almond mom’s health and wellness Facebook groups, and likely even your best friend’s apartment who has never cooked a meal in her life.

Many people have described it as the greatest ice cream machine on the market right now, but really, it’s so much more than that. Because even though it does make amazing homemade ice cream, you can also use it to make dole whips, sorbets, frosted lemonades, frozen margaritas, and smoothies.

When I first received my Ninja Creami Breeze ($149) in the mail (which is a less expensive and more compact version of the Ninja Creami, if you’re looking for an alternative), I’ll admit I had no idea where to start. Fortunately, the appliance comes with a packet full of suggested recipes from the Ninja brand itself, but I immediately did what anyone else would do: I turned to TikTok for inspiration.

Just like there are millions of cottage cheese recipes out there on TikTok, there are loads of creative Ninja Creami recipes, too. The #ninjacreamirecipes hashtag alone has 19 million views filled with videos of people who have gone viral simply for trying and taste-testing different combinations for the Ninja Creami.

With those videos as inspiration, and lots of personal tasting research, I curated a list of the best Ninja Creami recipes from TikTok that you absolutely need to try. Whether you already have a Ninja Creami or Ninja Creami Breeze — or you’re ready to be influenced — now is the time to add that Ninja Creami to your Amazon cart. Your tastebuds are about to be seriously on one, friend.

Disclaimer: The Ninja Breeze for the author was provided by the Ninja brand for the purpose of writing this story.

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