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Lala Kent’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

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Whether by your own free will or not, you’ve probably been sucked into “Vanderpump Rules” drama over the last year. Even if you had no idea who Ariana, Raquel, and Tom, were prior to the mess that ensued on our TVs, if you’re anything like us, “Vanderpump Rules” has taken up residence in your brain because you simply can’t stop watching at this point. For die-hard fans of the show, however, the drama between the trio has given their favorite cast members some welcome airtime and led many to wonder about other aspects of their lives, like their beauty routines or tattoo collections.

So goes the spike in interest around Lala Kent, who rose to fame after appearing on season four of “Vanderpump Rules.” Amid the Scandoval drama, Kent has been an ardent supporter of Ariana Madix. As a result, her popularity on social media has skyrocketed, and with people tuning in to learn everything from how she feels about how everything went down to her beauty routines. More specifically, searches for “Lala Kent tattoo 801” increased directly after the drama, pointing to the fact that people want to know the meanings behind her ink. In March 2023, Kent revealed on the “Unwaxed” podcast that the ink honors her hometown, as 801 is the area code for Salt Lake City. “I was like, you know what? I need to represent. I need to feel my roots again,” Kent said of the tattoo.

Naturally, people also wanted to know exactly how many other designs Kent has in her collection, as well as the meanings behind them. If you’re also curious, keep reading to learn about all of Kent’s known tattoos.

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