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Kanye West’s Ex-Assistant Sues Him for Sexual harassment

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Kanye West‘s former assistant has accused him of sexual harassment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination, according to court documents reviewed by Rolling Stone.

In the complaint, Lauren Pisciotta claimed that she had worked in the music industry for 15 years, and had collaborated with West on season one of his Yeezy women’s fashion line and on three tracks on his Donda album, which released in 2021. That year, Pisciotta said that West hired her as his “Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant” and offered her an annual salary of $1 million on the condition that she was available to him “24-7,” which she accepted as a full-time employee of the artist.

At the time, Pisciotta claimed she was making $1 million annually from OnlyFans and through other social media platforms. Although West had no objection to her OnlyFans account at first, per the suit, in 2022, he allegedly stated that he wanted Pisciotta to be “God like” and asked her to delete her account in exchange for $1 million. After she deleted her account, Pisciotta said she received a barrage of explicit messages from West, and that at one point, he masturbated in front of her.

In one text message, per the filing, West allegedly wrote: “See my problem is I be wanting to fuck but then after I fuck I want a girl to tell me how hard they been fucked while I’m fucking them,” before adding “Then I want her to cheat on me.”

Pisciotta also alleged the West would instruct her to deliver him a sexual enhancement “honey” before his sexual encounters, was “fixated on the penis size” of her boyfriends, and sent videos of himself having sex with a model.

In another message, West allegedly asks Pisciotta, “Is my dick racist?” and adds, “I’m going to stare at pictures of white woman with black asses and beat the shit out of my racist dick.”

Pisciotta also claimed that when speaking with West under the guise of discussing work-related matters, he would masturbate while on the phone with her.

In another disturbing claim, the suit describes an incident that allegedly took place during an overnight flight to Paris where other Yeezy employees were present. Pisciotta claimed that after West said that he needed to talk to her, he shut the door to his room on the plane, trapping the two of them inside as the door was unable to be opened from inside. West then allegedly laid down on his bed as she sat in a chair across from him, and he began to masturbate under the covers until he fell asleep.

Around September 2022, the suit states that Pisciotta was promoted to Chief of Staff for his various companies, and was told she would receive an additional $3 million for her promotion. However, the following month, Pisciotta stated she was fired and allegedly offered a $3 million severance package, which she accepted but did not receive.

In addition to sexual harassment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination, Pisciotta is also suing West and his affiliated Yeezy companies for fraud, unpaid wages, and intentional infliction of emotion distress.


This isn’t the first time West has been publicly affiliated with explicit content. In November 2022, Rolling Stone reported that multiple former Yeezy employees claimed West showed them pornography and inappropriate photos of his then-wife Kim Kardashian, among other alleged tactics of intimidation and control. In the past, West has referred to a “full-on pornography addiction” that “destroyed my family” and to sex as a design inspiration.

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