Friday, June 21, 2024

I Got a Head Spa Scalp Facial: See Photos

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Before you’re taken to the treatment room, you must first assess the damage. To do so, Borges brought out a portable microscope and placed the magnifying device on different areas of my head to reveal my scalp covered in flaky, dried oil — primarily built up at the hair follicle. It was revolting, and yet I couldn’t look away.

Contrary to what I’ve always believed, my dandruff is not, in fact, due to dryness. Instead, Borges explained that when you use too much product like dry shampoo (of which I am 100 percent guilty), that’s what leads to flakes.

Immediately after our analysis, Borges tempered my disgust with a 10-minute back rub that combined reiki, Japanese shiatsu, and the Indian head massage technique champissage, and I was left wondering how I hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

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