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How to Get Rid of Stomach Hair, According to Pros

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There’s been a big push to normalize body hair in recent years, which is great because, well, everybody has it. That said, some people still like to get rid of it (and both choices are OK). If you’re of the party who’d rather be hairless, you’ve probably asked yourself the following questions a million times: How should I remove it? Shave? Wax? Splurge on laser hair removal? Try sugaring? The hair-removal options are plentiful, and that goes for removing hair anywhere on your body, stomach hair included.

Although many people don’t like to talk about it, stomach hair (or chest hair, or toes, or face. . .) is common. If you do have some hair on your stomach, like around your belly button, chances are one or both of your parents do as well. Hair growth is primarily influenced by two factors: genes and horomoes. That said, you don’t have to live with it if you don’t want to. Ahead, we asked an expert for tips for getting rid of stomach hair, no matter your preferred method.

Experts Featured in This Article

Jessica Carless, PhD, is a senior scientist of research and development at hair-removal brand, Joy+Glee.

Salome Sallehy is the founder of Sugar Sugar Wax.

Bertha Baum, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist and attending professor based in Florida.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Hair

The best way to get rid of stomach hair comes down to your personal preference. You can shave it, wax it, sugar it, or, if you’re interested in a more permanent solution, you can try to laser it off. To find the right hair-removal method for you, keep reading.

Shaving Stomach Hair

Shaving is a quick and easy way to get rid of stomach hair with immediate results — all you need are a good razor and some shaving cream. But to make the process go smoothly, both literally and figuratively, don’t rush.

“Although tempting, resist the urge to shave immediately after entering the shower,” Jessica Carless, senior scientist of research and development at Joy+Glee, tells PS. “Allow the hairs on the stomach area to get wet for a minute or so, as this allows for your skin and hair to soften for a clean and closer shave.”

You know what’s also tempting when you’re in a rush? Getting right to it without the right prep. For a close, clean shave, gently exfoliate with a body scrub beforehand. “To avoid razor bumps and irritation, it’s important to prep the skin with a shaving cream or gel,” Carless says. And make sure you have a good razor, like the Joy Razor Handle and 2 Blade Refill Cartridges ($13, originally$17). For shaving cream, try the Eos Shea Better Shave Cream ($4, originally $5).

Main ImageMain Image
Main ImageMain Image

After your shower or bath, be sure to moisturize your stomach with a soothing body moisturizer, like the Grown Alchemist Body Cream ($52, originally $72) or the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Firmeza Firming & Debloating Body Oil ($52), which is a 2023 POPSUGAR Beauty Award winner. To prevent ingrown hairs, continue to moisturize the skin in the days following and exfoliate gently. The First Aid Beauty Ingrown Hair Pads ($32, originally $35) are exfoliating body pads that help prevent a buildup of dead skin cells and allow for smooth regrowth.

Main ImageMain Image
Main ImageMain Image

Unfortunately, the results from shaving don’t last very long, but given that you can do it whenever you’re in the shower, it’s something you can do without hassle again and again.

Waxing Stomach Hair

Waxing hair is a very common way to banish body hair. It’s something you can do at home with premade strips or a kit, or you can see a professional. “Waxing removes the hair at the root, so you can be hair-free for up to 28 days,” Carless says. It depends on how fast your hair naturally grows, but you can expect to be smooth for at least a couple of weeks.

To start, make sure your skin is clean and dry — waxing postshower is best — and always read the instructions. “For best results, make sure the hair is between 2mm and 5mm long, so about the size of a grain of rice,” Carless says. “If your hair is longer than that, you’ll want to trim it down first so the wax can really do its thing.”

You should apply the wax in the same direction of the hair growth and remove it in the opposite direction. “Hold the skin taut with your other hand and — take a deep breath — swiftly pull the strip off the skin,” Carless says. “When skin is held firm, there’s less tugging and thankfully less pain and redness.”

Try the Flamingo Body Wax Kit ($11, originally $20) or the Athena Club Body Wax Strips and Wipes ($10).

Main ImageMain Image
Main ImageMain Image

Sugaring Stomach Hair

Sugaring hair is different from waxing — it uses a mixture of sugar and lemon water to create a paste that removes hair in the direction of growth (the opposite of waxing). The mixture is usually room temperature, as opposed to hot like regular wax, and gentler on the skin (some people also say it’s less painful, but that’s subjective).

“After a long winter under wraps, the stomach area usually has a lot of dead-skin buildup,” says Sugar Sugar Wax founder Salome Sallehy. “Sugar waxing is a great way to slough off the dry skin along with the hair and fuzz.” You can do it at home or visit a salon that offers sugaring to get some help from a professional.

To use sugar wax to remove stomach hair at home, Sallehy recommends you start with the area below the belly button, because that’s where the skin is the softest. “You’ll want to apply the Glow Goop Sugaring Wax ($36) in the opposite direction of hair growth and remove it by flicking in the direction of hair growth,” she says. “This is a classic sugaring technique, which is especially important to follow when hair hasn’t been removed for some months.”

Main ImageMain Image

The results of sugaring, when done properly, can last four to six weeks. “By removing the hair in the direction of hair growth, you’ll avoid breaking the hair and get to enjoy the smooth skin for longer,” Sallehy says.

The biggest mistake people make when sugaring at home is overheating the wax — it should feel gooey and malleable but not runny. If you’re worried about regrowth as we head into summer, sugaring is actually perfect for that. “One of my favorite things about sugaring is that you don’t have to wait for the hair to regrow fully in order to remove it like you do with waxing,” Sallehy says. “As soon as the hair starts to become visible, around 1/8th of an inch, you can remove it.”

Laser Hair Removal For Stomach Hair

Another more long-term solution to stomach hair is laser hair removal. This is something that is primarily done at a salon, but there are also devices that allow you to try it at home. “Depending on your skin type, there are different laser-hair-removal technologies that we use in office and recommend,” says dermatologist Bertha Baum. “For at-home devices, my favorite is the SmoothSkin Pure Device ($349), which is a very smart technology IPL and is extremely fast — the whole-body treatment takes just 10 minutes with adjustable energy levels and three different modes (gentle, power, and speed).”

Main ImageMain Image

According to Dr. Baum, at-home devices may require more treatments, but they’re more cost-effective than professional services. If you decide to try laser hair removal, in office or at home, just be sure you stick with it. “A common mistake I see often when patients start their laser-hair-removal sessions is that they do waxing instead of shaving,” Dr. Baum says. “We want the patients to shave in between treatments since that doesn’t remove the hair follicle (waxing does temporarily) and that way the laser will recognize the pigmented follicle.”

Also, be sure to avoid sun exposure on the area in between treatments. “This is unsafe because you can burn, as well as delay the treatment goals since the treatment energy will have to be lowered.”

Everyone is different — how you remove your stomach hair (and if you do it at all) is completely up to you. Go with what feels right and gives you the best results.

Jessica Harrington is the senior beauty editor at PS, where she writes about hair, makeup, skin care, piercings, tattoos, and more. As a New York City-based writer and editor with a degree in journalism and over eight years of industry experience, she loves to interview industry experts, keep up with the latest trends, and test new products.

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