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Chef José Andrés Shares His Kitchen Essentials

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The Expert Edit features interviews with specialists about the products they swear by in their chosen field. For the latest installment, we spoke to chef and restaurateur José Andrés about his favorite kitchen essentials, including the cookware and spices he swears by.

Chef José Andrés knows a thing or two about good food — and the power it has in bringing people together. As one of the world’s most famous chefs, restauranteurs, and the founder of World Central Kitchen — a nonprofit organization that works to provide nourishing meals to frontline workers and families throughout humanitarian crises — Andrés has proven that he’s in the business of creating community just as much as he is in creating specialty dishes.

“A hot plate of food in the darkest times represents dignity and hope — it shows you that someone cares, that you are not alone. I truly believe that food has the power to change the world,” Andrés tells PS in an exclusive interview.

“I truly believe that food has the power to change the world.”

That belief is what’s propelled the chef to pursue a number of other ventures beyond the kitchen, namely ones that focus on deepening relationships through food and inviting as many people to the dinner table as possible; his podcast, “Longer Tables,” also explores this exact theme.

Most recently, Andrés debuted his own pet food brand, Real Mesa, which is made up of Mediterranean-inspired dog food that’s designed with flavor (and doting pet-owners) in mind.

“Pets give us all so much love! To me, it’s only fair that we give them the best food we can with the same quality ingredients and care we give to everyone else in our families.”

Through Real Mesa’s wide assortment of nourishing dog food, Andrés is helping to deliver signature, high-quality dishes for pups, all while encouraging families to expand mealtime within their own homes — because despite etiquette rules, pets definitely deserve a seat at the dinner table, too.

In conversation with PS, Chef Andrés dished about his new pet food brand, and also shared some of the cooking essentials that he considers to be staples within his own kitchen. From a large cooking pan to signature spices, ahead, he shares his must haves.

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