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Bixie Haircut Trend For Short Hair

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If you’re someone who enjoys changing up your hair often, you’re probably on the hunt for new hairstyle inspiration daily. There are the classic cuts, like the lob or the bob, and more daring choices, like the pixie or buzz cut. The “bixie” haircut is a new style that’s perfect for the bold — just look at Taylor Hill and Ciara’s versions, for example.

Experts Featured in This Article

April Peele is a hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City.

What Is a Bixie Haircut?

Just as the name sounds, the bixie haircut is a combination of a bob and pixie. “It’s shorter than a bob, longer than a pixie, and with the hair off the neck and midface,” hairstylist April Peele tells PS. Marrying the two styles allows you to customize the look to best fit your face and personal style. Not to mention, if you’ve never cut your hair shorter than chin-length before, it’s a bit less intimidating.

“The bixie offers that sweet spot for clients who want to cut their hair off but aren’t ready for the maintenance and commitment of really short hair,” Peele says. “Or maybe they want really short hair but know they can’t pull a pixie off.” But why is the bixie haircut trend gaining traction now? People want change right now, and the start of a new season is an opportune time for it. “They’re way more open to redefining themselves with a fresh start and hair transformation.”

How to Style a Bixie Haircut

Generally, the cut can be styled in any way that you choose — textured or smooth — and the front is soft with “longer areas of hair in the front [that] keep the style flirty and sexy.” Depending on your hair type, you can change up the look to best suit you. Peele recommends that finer hair types use a texturizing spray, like the R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray ($36), to create volume at the roots. Thicker hair types should use a styling cream before blow-drying to create a smoother finish. “If necessary, use a flat iron to make the style a little more polished, and then try tucking the longest pieces of hair behind an ear,” Peele says.

Bixie Haircut Inspiration

“A bixie haircut really speaks about your personality without you saying a word,” Peele says. “It’s fun, versatile, and customizable for your facial features.” Get inspiration for the bixie haircut trend ahead.

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