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Best Gourmand Perfumes of 2024

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There’s something so nostalgic and comforting about gourmand perfumes. Perhaps it’s because they evoke memories of homemade treats or maybe it’s because the first fragrance you gravitated toward as a teenager was undeniably sweet. Whatever the reason, we can’t deny that something magical happens when you get a whiff of these concoctions.

For some people, gourmand fragrances are a constant in their scent wardrobe but if it’s been a while since you last gave the category a try, allow us to re-introduce you. Gourmand scents are all about smelling like something good enough to eat. However, the perfumes are not what they used to be — some of the best perfumes of all time fall into this family. Standout top notes of these edible scents include honey, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate, but the fragrance chemists behind some of your favorite brands are pushing the boundaries like never before. Instead of being sickeningly sweet, the new formulations on the market strike up the perfect balance. They’re both fresh and inviting, homey and exciting.

Whether you consider yourself a gourmand connoisseur or are open to exploring this new world, we rounded up the top options on the market. Keep scrolling to find the best gourmand perfume for you.

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