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Best Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind of Dad

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Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses ($299-$517)

Shopping for the techie who has it all? Get him something that’s unique and innovative, like the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses. These smart glasses can take photos and videos hands-free with the built-in dual 5MP camera. Read the in-depth review of the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses to see why they’re an editor-favorite.

Editor Quote: “Similar to a classic smartwatch or smartphone, the device allows users to easily snap pictures and videos while they’re on the go (and wearing the glasses!), switch between listening to music or taking a call, and even use the advanced tech’s voice-control capabilities — where with the simple command of saying “Hey Facebook,” you can actually instruct the glasses to send a message, pause a song, make a call, or even start recording a video. If you’re someone who often gets distracted while looking at your smartphone, these frames remove the need to use your phone at all during the day — ultimately limiting your screen time, removing the temptation to check your phone while you’re driving, and helping you to better live in the moment without having your eyes glued to a smart device 24/7.” — Kyley Warren, assistant editor, Commerce

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