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Few things bring us more joy than decorating a space and making it our own. That feeling of finding the perfect trinket to complete a bookshelf, discovering an area rug that’ll tie a whole room together, or shopping out your dream sectional after months of searching; it’s priceless. And believe it or not, there’s actually somewhat of a science to explain why interior design can bring so much fulfillment to our lives — especially if you lean into brighter color palettes.

Enter in: dopamine decor. If you’ve been on TikTok or Pinterest recently, you’re probably all too familiar with the bubbly trend. The aesthetic essentially relies on the theory that certain patterns, colors, and textures can evoke more joyful emotions, with many having the power to make us happier and even provide a natural dopamine boost with zero enhancers necessary (just a cute table lamp or two). The concept is a sister trend to dopamine dressing, which is all about infusing your wardrobe with mood-boosting colors.

To get a better sense of what the dopamine decor trend entails, we tapped Natalie Papier, interior designer, founder of Home EC., and star of the Magnolia Network’s hit series, “Artfully Designed,” to share her expert breakdown on the design fad, including how you can best test it out within your home.

What Is Dopamine Decor?

So, how do we go about translating this particular trend from our TikTok feeds and into our actual homes? According to Papier, it’s easier than you think, and starts with simply identifying what sparks joy — whether it be a bold shade of yellow, a sharp chevron pattern, or even a piece of artwork with a cool backstory.

“Dopamine decor, for me, means surrounding yourself with art and decor that elicits a deep sense of joy that feels deeply personal to the people living there. Surrounding yourself in your own specific version of joy,” Papier tells PS in an exclusive interview. “More than ever before, I am seeing clients that want spaces to feel meaningful whether that’s brought in via nostalgia, objects of interest, plants, and even pattern mixing that’s pleasing to the eye.”

The best part about “dopamine decorating” is that you don’t necessarily need to commit to a full design overhaul in order to infuse it into your home; sometimes even the smallest upgrade can transform the energy of a space and help to make it feel more joyful.

“When considering dopamine decor and design, the less moody and the more unexpectedly fun you can get with colors the better. Vibrant and saturated tones, soft-sunny pastels, and also bright whites can really let your art and decor color-pops shine,” says Papier.

How to Incorporate Dopamine Decor Into Your Home

With Papier’s expert recommendations in mind, we rounded up the best dopamine decor furniture from top retailers like Amazon, West Elm, Target, Etsy, Anthropologie, and more. These pieces span a range of categories and price points, ensuring there’s something for everyone to shop — whether you want to find the best stylish couches, colorful table lamps, or printed area rugs.

Ahead, shop our guide to the best dopamine decor, with selects that are bound to upgrade your home with a mood-boosting touch.

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Natalie Papier is an interior designer and the founder of Home EC.

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