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Bantu Knots Hairstyle Ideas | POPSUGAR Beauty

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Whether it be the hottest summer day or a chilly winter morning, there is one natural-hair style that will add a bit of edge to your look no matter what time of year it is: Bantu knots.

Worn by A-list celebrities like Marsai Martin, Rihanna, and Yara Shahidi, Bantu knots have been around for years and have come to serve as an easy hairstyle to complete any look. Popularized in parts of Africa, the style is created by taking a section of hair that’s twisted or braided and later wrapped around itself to form small buns throughout the entirety of your head.

You might simply think of them as a convenient way to give your natural hair a dramatic set of curls sans heat (and if you prep your hair with a foam prior to creating the style, then you’ll get next-level curls once they’re unraveled.) Still, they also serve as a really chic protective style that’s perfect for keeping hair out of your face and off your shoulders for a few days. As a bonus, they’re also very easy to customize with different part designs and extensions, allowing you to make the look completely your own.

So whether you’re fleeing to warmer weather as fall approaches or you just need a protective style to try out, in case you’ve yet to experiment with tucking your ends away using this technique, ahead is a bit of inspiration to give you a few ideas.

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