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Ariana Grande Delivers Divine ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Performance on ‘Fallon’

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Ariana Grande returned to the The Tonight Show on Thursday to deliver a slick performance of “The Boy is Mine,” the single from her latest album, Eternal Sunshine.

Gliding across the stage, which was fashioned as a hazy rooftop, the singer and actress wore a glittering mask fixed with cat ears for the occasion. “The boy is mine/I can’t wait to try him/Let’s get intertwined/The stars, they aligned,” Grande sang, before echoing her claim: “The boy is mine/Watch me take my time.”

Prior to her performance, Grande sat down with Jimmy Fallon, and was brimming with excitement when discussing her role in Wicked, which hits theaters on Thanksgiving, and her co-star Cynthia Erivo. When speaking to the host, she recalled their last Zoom interview in 2021, and how at the time, she had to keep the news of her role in the film a secret. “I was trying to subliminally tell you through the screen that I got it,” Grande told Fallon. The host quipped, “I knew it in my head, I kept the secret as well.”

Fallon then revealed a tweet Grande posted in 2011. “Loved seeing Wicked again… amazing production! Made me realize again how badly I want to 2 play Glinda at some point in my life! #DreamRole,” wrote the artist in the unearthed post. “It’s just so surreal to see, of course the response. This is something that Cynthia and I lived every single day — the brillaint Cynthia Erivo,” smiled Grande. “And to share it with people and to feel the love that we’ve received in response has been really overwhelming.”


Elswhere, Grande also discussed her upcoming video for “The Boy Is Mine,” which drops Friday. The singer teased the video last month with a chilling clip, and on Monday, hinted at Penn Badgley‘s feature with a TikTok of the actor dancing to the song’s chorus.

When speaking to Fallon, Grande confirmed that Badgley would star in the upcoming video alongside other cameos still on the hush-hush. “The video stars Penn Badgley, who I’ve been a fan of my entire life,” said Grande. “It was so amazing to work with him. Super honored to work with him.”

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