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AmLactin Daily Lotion Review With Photos

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Growing up, I was all too familiar with the body-hair-removal process. Through all the waxing and shaving sessions, I was dealt a hand of ingrown hairs, accidental cuts, bumpy skin texture, and overall roughness, which led to uneven skin tone and dark spots. To help, I tried everything from dry brushing and exfoliating loofa gloves to using skin-buffing scrubs and body washes in my routine. Although these helped, they weren’t the fix-all I was hoping for, and it was a lot to do every day.

Then, I discovered a game changer that helped me achieve the smooth, softer, and even-toned skin I had always desired — AmLactin’s Daily lotion ($15, originally $25). And right now, you can score it on sale at 40 percent off on Amazon.

Keep reading for my full review of this everyday body lotion, including photos.

About the AmLactin Daily Lotion

  • It contains 12 percent lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, to gently exfoliate the skin and glycerin to hydrate.
  • This particular AHA also helps diminish keratosis pilaris, body acne, and ingrown hairs.
  • The formula is nongreasy, fragrance-free and paraben-free.

What I Like About the AmLactin Daily Lotion

Whenever my friends ask how I’m able to get buttery-soft skin or how my bikini line looks smooth, I pretty much credit it to consistently using AmLactin’s Daily lotion. It’s my go-to for diminishing body acne, KP, and ingrown hairs, and it also helps with evening out my skin tone, whether it’s from dark spots, friction-induced hyperpigmentation, or even awkward-looking tans. My “strawberry skin” is practically gone; I even noticed that my underarms are lighter and more even-toned, as well.

Lactic acid is known to be a gentle exfoliator that is generally well tolerated for all skin types. Incorporating this exfoliating body moisturizer into my daily body-care routine helps to remove the dead skin cells and unclog pores that cause my issues. Plus, lactic acid is also known to have hydrating properties since it also serves as a humectant. The AmLactin Daily lotion is also formulated with water, glycerin, and dimethicone, which all help to infuse the skin with hydration and lock in moisture. It keeps me looking supple and moisturized, with no dryness or scaliness in sight. In fact, it even gives my skin a subtle radiance.

Main ImageMain Image

I’ve been obsessed with AmLactin’s Daily Lotion for years now, to a point where if I don’t consistently use it, I notice my skin becoming rough, dull, and bumpy again. This lactic acid–based lotion is the only thing I use, and I’m entirely dependent on this one product for a large chunk of my body-care routine. As a commerce editor, I get products sent to me to test out often, and I have a stash that allows me to forgo spending on my beauty routine. I’ve tried plenty of bestsellers, high-end products, and affordable ones alike, and this $20 is one of the few beauty products I constantly buy.

How to Use the AmLactin Daily Lotion

The AmLactin Daily lotion has become my go-to everyday body lotion right after I shower. I pretty much use it like any other body lotion; right after you towel dry and on slightly damp skin, just apply it liberally from the neck down. You can use this twice a day if you’d like, but I notice results with just once a day too.

What to Consider Before Trying the AmLactin Daily Lotion

With any product formulated with AHAs, sunscreen is a must, especially if you are sensitive to the sun and burn easily. Your skin gets extra sensitized to sun exposure when you use chemical exfoliants, but as long as you are careful and asses your environment, you can still use the AmLactin lotion in your body-care routine. If you’re in an area that gets a lot of sun, use a quality body sunscreen and reapply regularly. I primarily use this at night, so my skin isn’t as sensitized in the daytime. Another thing I do during the daytime is to only use the lotion on body parts covered with clothing and use another hydrating lotion (preferably with SPF) on exposed areas.

Since there is lactic acid in the formula, if you have cuts or open wounds, it might sting or tingle. Although the sensation fades away after several seconds, it’s still not the best feeling. I recommend skipping using this lotion right after you shave or avoiding the areas where you know you have accidental knicks.

Where Is the AmLactin Daily Lotion Available?

The AmLactin Daily lotion is available on Amazon, Target, and Costco.


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