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A Guide to Every Type of Manicure: BIAB Nails, Gel, and More

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A gel-extension manicure adds length to your natural nails. Its look is similar to that of acrylics, but the extensions are thinner and often more natural looking. There are different types of gel extensions, but the most common one is Apres Gel-X. For this manicure, your nail tech will start with basic prep before adhering a clear soft-gel overlay onto your nail and curing it with a UV light.

Celebrity manicurist Britney Tokyo says the manicure can last anywhere from two to four weeks. When it’s time to remove them, you can go back to the salon or try soaking the nails off at home. The cost of this manicure varies, but because it’s still fairly new, you might pay anywhere from $100 to $200 for nails with designs on them.

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