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7 Nail Trends of 2024

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Every year, we get excited about new beauty trends. This past year, nail art flourished, paving the way for next year to be even more epic. Given the nature of at-home manicures and the limitations of our own amateur nail skills (which, we will admit, did mildly improve during the past few years), we’re ready to enlist the expertise of professionals to help us try all the newest nail trends of 2024.

That’s why we asked the industry’s top manicurists to share all the fun nail trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this year, and their answers have us eager to change up our manicures ASAP. To preview, you can expect to see bold hues and moody colors among the top nail-color trends of the year, in addition to muted looks; experiment with fun finishes with cat-eye nails; and load up on intricate embellishments. The best part is there’s something for everyone: dark, goth-inspired nails à la Wednesday Addams; aura designs to suit your every mood; and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for popular nails to take with you to your next salon appointment or searching for nail trends you can do on your own at home, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to see new nail styles worth trying in 2024. We guarantee you’ll find a set of trendy nails that you love.

Experts Featured in This Article

Pattie Yankee is a consulting manicurist for Dashing Diva

Rita Pinto is the founder of Vanity Projects nail salon.

Hemi Park is a manicurist and LeChat nails educator.

Tom Bachik is a celebrity manicurist.

Vanessa Sanchez-McCullough is a celebrity nail artist.

Rianna Basurto is the marketing specialist for the salon Bellacures.

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