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The Best Bodyweight Glute Exercises For Women

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What if we told you your glutes weren’t only the foundation of a healthier set of legs but also part of having a strong, functional core? That’s right: as important hip-stabilizer muscles, your glutes act as a crucial part of your core — the “powerhouse of your body,” says Kira Stokes, creator of The Stoked Method and the KSFit app.

This means that exercises that strengthen or improve the mobility of your glutes are benefiting your entire body. And while you may see butt-focused workouts that call for heavy weights or other equipment, there are plenty of bodyweight glute exercises that can effectively train the glutes. Plus, bodyweight glute exercises can help you build your mind-muscle connection and let you practice proper form with less of an injury risk, so they’re always good to have in your routine, even if you’re comfortable with heavier weights.

Before we get into the bodyweight glute moves, a quick primer: your glutes aren’t just a singular muscle; there are actually three. “Your glutes are the largest muscle in your posterior chain and made up of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus,” Stokes explains. “These three muscles work together to provide foundational strength for the lower body in order to perform both athletic movements and daily tasks in life.”

If you suffer from lower-back pain, for instance — especially from sitting for long periods — you might need to wake up your glutes. “Strengthening your glutes can help reduce or eliminate low-back pain by providing support for your low-back muscles,” Stokes explains. The gluteus medius (or side butt), specifically, is partially responsible for stabilizing your low back and pelvis when standing or walking.

Without further ado, try these 10 no-equipment glute exercises, which will help you build a powerful — and very awake — butt right at home. Incorporate them into your workouts, or do them all together for a seriously challenging at-home butt workout. And if you want to make it more challenging, you can add dumbbells, ankle weights, or a mini resistance band to all of the moves.

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Kira Stokes is the creator of The Stoked Method and the KSFit app.

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