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New smartwatch designed for kids

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Ace LTE recognizes and rewards all sorts of physical activity, whether it’s playing hide and seek, jumping on the bed or having a sibling dance-off. All of this movement shows up in Fitbit’s weirdest activity ring yet — the ‘Noodle’ — that lives on the homescreen and celebrates when kids reach their daily move goals.

Built responsibly from the ground up

We worked with leading, independent experts in child psychology, public health, privacy and digital wellbeing to design Fitbit Ace LTE to be fun, safe and helpful. It’s built with privacy in mind, front and center. For example, only parents are ever shown a child’s location or activity data in their app, location data is deleted after 24 hours and activity data is deleted after a maximum of 35 days. There are no ads or third-party apps, and only contacts added by a parent can call or message the device.

The Fitbit Ace LTE uses a new movement algorithm for kids developed by the Google Research team that better and more accurately measures kids’ physical activity throughout the day, encouraging and motivating all types of movement.

A world of fun: meet the eejie!

The motivation doesn’t stop with games. Eejies are customizable creatures that feed off daily activity — the more kids reach their movement goals, the more healthy and happy their eejie gets. By completing daily activities and moving through each game, kids earn arcade tickets to customize their eejie’s look with new outfits or even deck out its home in Bit Valley, the native home of the eejie.

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