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Morning Sex Benefits, According to a Sex Therapist

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There’s something about morning sex that just hits different. Not only can it kick start your day on a pleasurable note, but it can also give you a natural boost of energy that not even the caffeine in your coffee can replicate. “Early morning sexual activity can be a revitalizing and rejuvenating way to begin the day, strengthening bonds and elevating emotions,” sex therapist Aliyah Moore, PhD, says.

For the same reason people may workout in the a.m., morning sex could arguably be the best time to be intimate without distractions. Plus, it’s the perfect time of day to take advantage of the natural hormonal peaks in the body that can increase horniness and libido.

Even if you’re not a morning person, there are some incredible morning sex benefits that may make you want to be one. Below, Dr. Moore explains why it may be worth setting your alarm clock a few minutes earlier than normal.

Experts Featured in This Article

Aliyah Moore, PhD, is a certified sex therapist with a doctorate in gender and sexuality studies. She is also the resident sex expert at SexualAlpha, a website dedicated to helping people explore their bodies and sexual wellness products.

What Is Morning Sex?

Morning sex is what happens when you, you guessed it, have sex in the morning. “Morning sex refers to engaging in sexual activity soon after waking up, typically before starting the day’s routine,” Dr. Moore says. More often than not, morning sex is completely spontaneous, but it can also be planned the night before, too.

While morning sex can include penetrative sex, it doesn’t have to. Cunnilingus, blow jobs, and any other sexual acts done in the morning could count as morning sex.

The Benefits of Morning Sex

Morning sex is optimal if you want to take advantage of your body’s higher levels of testosterone and estrogen in the morning, Dr. Moore says. “This can lead to increased arousal and a more satisfying sexual experience,” she adds. (Yes, morning wood is a thing for a reason.)

Another benefit of morning sex: the endorphins. “The release of endorphins and oxytocin during sex can improve mood, providing a positive outlook and increased energy for the day ahead,” Dr. Moore says. If you have sex first thing in the morning, this can help reduce any stress and anxiety you may have for the day ahead.

Plus, morning sex is typically a convenient time of day to have sex. Even if you’re not a morning person, the early hours of the day are when people likely aren’t as busy or rushed. “Morning sex can be less rushed and more leisurely compared to other times of the day,” Dr. Moore says.

Morning sex isn’t for everyone, though. For those of you who hate morning breath, it may affect how intimate you want to be with your partner. That said, morning breath is truly no big deal and comes with the territory. If you’re really concerned about it, however, you can always sneak away to brush your teeth or pop a breath mint in your mouth.

“Additionally, some individuals might feel less physically prepared or self-conscious about their appearance immediately after waking,” Dr. Moore says. Of course, only have sex when you feel comfortable, but instead of feeling shy or not confident, embrace your natural beauty. If you’re horny, you deserve sex regardless of how you look in the morning.

The Best Morning-Sex Positions

You don’t want to do anything too strenuous during morning sex, which is why lazy sex positions are recommended for the early hours of the day. Dr. Moore suggests the spooning sex position, since it “provides a close, intimate connection and is less physically demanding.” To get into the spooning sex position, simply lie down with your partner while facing the same direction. This is also a great position if you want to minimize face-to-face contact because of morning breath.

Another option is cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, if you prefer a more active role. “Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl positions can offer control and pleasure,” Dr. Moore says. To get into the cowgirl position, sit up right and straddle your partner while facing them. To try the reverse cowgirl, sit up right and straddle your partner while facing their feet. Again, both positions are relatively easy and don’t require too much mouth-to-mouth contact if you’re worried about your breath.

Ultimately, remember that your sex life doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. If you enjoy morning sex, great, but if it doesn’t work for your relationship, NBD. Keep on having sex whenever works best for you.

Taylor Andrews is a Balance editor at PS who specializes in topics relating to sex, relationships, dating, sexual health, mental health, and more. In her six years working in editorial, she’s written about how semen is digested, why sex aftercare is the move, and how the overturn of Roe killed situationships.

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