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Miranda Cosgrove’s Must Have Products

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Miranda Cosgrove has been an influencer since long before it was cool. In her turn as teen Internet sensation Carly Shay on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” from 2007 to 2012, she practically predicted the future in terms of what creator culture could look like. Instagram wasn’t even around yet, but there was Carly, hosting a hit web show and navigating the success that came with it.

In her latest movie, “Mother of the Bride,” Cosgrove is back at it — this time, as budding influencer Emma who’s planning a wedding at a Thai resort as a part of her first big brand deal. The film sees Cosgrove starring alongside Brooke Shields (who plays her mother, Lana) as they try to navigate the wedding planning process. . . and the hurdles in their relationship that come along with it.

Not only do Cosgrove and her on-screen characters (both in “iCarly” and “MOTB”) share the same bubbly personality, but they’ve also got the same ability to influence. She’s got nearly 10 million Instagram followers, was tapped to be a Neutrogena brand ambassador back in 2012, and has been known to serve up headline-worthy fashion and beauty looks for the decade-and-a-half she’s been in the spotlight.

Another thing that Miranda and Emma have in common is their jet-setting lifestyles (but not, Cosgrove assures me when we speak, their relationships with their mothers). Cosgrove is constantly traveling and has mastered the art of looking (and feeling) her best while doing it.

Here, she shares her must-have products — which are by her side whether she’s on a 15-hour flight to Thailand or firmly planted on the ground.

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