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Jay Sean’s Must Have Products

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If you’re a true millennial, you probably know the lyrics to Jay Sean’s “Down” by heart — especially Lil Wayne’s verse. “Down” along with Sean’s other hit “Ride It” is enjoying a resurgence on TikTok with DJs remixing and reviving it for a new generation. “There are 120,000 brand new songs that come out every single day that’s over a million a week on top of how many millions there are already,” the British singer-songwriter tells PS. “So, when one song out of the trillions that exist happens to have a resurgence, I have nothing but gratitude for that.”

Sean started his career in the early aughts, and with four studio albums, three mixtapes, and a whopping 53 singles under his belt, he’s cemented his place in the music industry. He pioneered a genre of Indian-R&B fusion, and although his taste in music is ever-evolving, he does miss early aughts R&B vibes. “Music felt different then,” he says. “You had those songs that you could put on a mixtape and give to your girl or your guy. I think some of the mixtape music needs to come back.” Sean teases that his upcoming fifth album fits that description.

“The core backbone of this new album is a lot more soulful R&B, which I think people will know from things like ‘Ride It,’ ‘Stay,’ and ‘Maybe,’ and all of that stuff that had the feels,” he says. His album includes features from Hindi and Punjabi artists and “some of the songs have me actually singing in Punjabi or Hindi,” he says.

Alongside releasing his upcoming album, he’s looking forward to nurturing new artists on his record label, 3AM Entertainment. “I want to be able to say that my work was important and that things that I did help[ed] other people,” Sean says. “The way I can do that best is by providing a platform where people like me, who have dreams like I did when I was 20 years old to be a star, can come and be supported.” Sean brought on early collaborators Jeremy Skaller and Jared Cotter for 3AM Entertainment in partnership with Virgin Music Group and Range. “Those are the people that I wrote my biggest hits with, and now it’s come full circle. We are going to provide that platform to help new talent shine and create more hits.”

Sean’s biggest advice for aspiring artists? “For every wild dream that anybody successful has ever had, there’ve been a million people who’ve shut them down and said ‘don’t be crazy. You’re never going to do that.’ And yet those people go on and change the world.”

When he’s off the clock, Sean loves to spend time with his family and focus on his well-being. Ahead, he shared his favorite products for accomplishing the latter, from a brightening facial essence to the editor-backed Tonal home gym.

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