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How Google is supporting Mental Health Awareness Month 2024

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Scaling mental health support in communities

Over the last five years, Google.org has provided more than $10 million to help nonprofits accelerate work related to mental health. One of those organizations, ReflexAI, used funding and support from Google.org Fellows to launch HomeTeam. This AI-powered, interactive educational program gives veterans the skills they need to have conversations about mental health with other veterans. Since debuting last November, hundreds of service members have used the tool and 100% of survey respondents said they felt better prepared to tackle conversations with their peers who might be struggling with mental health.

We also recently announced a $20 million commitment to support organizations’ commitment to digital wellbeing for kids and teens. With partners like Highlights for Kids and Sesame Street, we’re helping kids build safe, healthy, and productive relationships with technology.

How we support mental health for Googlers and their families

In our workplace, this month is an opportunity to continue our ongoing conversations around wellbeing and spotlight resources available to employees and their families every day of the year. Our medical plans are designed to cover mental health services, our Employee Assistance Program provides counseling in times of need and we offer training to managers to better support employees struggling with their mental health. In the U.S., our Google Health & Wellness Center program is expanding access to on-site licensed counselors and clinical psychologists.

Good mental health is important to our overall health and wellbeing. We want to do our part to see that people have help when they most need it.

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