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Google Pixel 8a: Features, specs, price

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Google AI makes it even easier to get things done

With features built to help you save time, Pixel 8a helps you get more things checked off your to-do list so you can spend more time doing things that matter most to you.

Gemini is coming to Pixel 8a. This built-in AI assistant lets you type, talk and add images for all kinds of help on the go — from brainstorming ideas, writing a thank you note or even planning your next vacation. Once you enable extensions, you can ask Gemini to do tasks like summarize your recent emails or quickly sift through your inbox. Hold the power button to get started with Gemini. Learn more about Gemini’s availability in your region here.

Circle to Search is also on Pixel 8a, so you no longer have to switch apps to find the information you are looking for — saving you time. Just use your finger to circle, scribble or tap on an image, text or video to search for what you’re looking at. And AI-powered Pixel Call Assist features — like Call Screen, Direct My Call, Hold for Me, Clear Calling and more — are all included on the Pixel 8a too.

Pixel 8a will also introduce Audio Emoji, making your phone calls more expressive and engaging than before. With Audio Emoji, just tap on an emoji to trigger an audio reaction and visual effect. Try using a hand-clap emoji to applaud a job well done or the laughing emoji after telling your best joke.

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