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How we’re helping people in Asia-Pacific better understand what they see online

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As the way we receive information continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever that people have the features and tools to help them better understand what they see online. That’s why we work to take into account the language needs and local contexts for different countries when we build our products.

Here are four ways that we’re making it easier for people in Asia-Pacific to evaluate information online.

Info literacy tools in more languages

About this image and “more about this page,” a feature in About this result, are tools that allow people to find more context on Search for images and websites respectively. Information like an image’s history, or how a website has been reviewed or covered in the news helps people decide for themselves how trustworthy that content is. The features are both now available in 40 additional languages each including Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.

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