Thursday, May 30, 2024

How Google Cloud AI helps 7 businesses innovate

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The AI boom of the past year and a half could not be more dramatic. It’s hard to remember a time when so many organizations were all-in on a new technology. Across industries, businesses understand just how powerful AI technologies can be in boosting productivity, creativity, collaboration and efficiency.

At our annual Google Cloud Next event this week, more than 300 enterprises are joining us in Las Vegas to showcase real-world applications of our AI technologies. Whether building customer service agents and AI assistants for employees, boosting security and code-writing efficiency, or unlocking new levels of creativity, AI is finding a role across industries.

For a better understanding of what this means, here’s a look at how some of the biggest industry leaders are building new tools and experiences with our Gemini models, Vertex AI development platform, Google Workspace and more.

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