Thursday, May 30, 2024

6 Chromebook tips to boost your productivity

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5. Easily type letters with accents

If you write or work in multiple languages, you likely often need to type letters with accents (é, ö, û, anyone?). To make this easier, enable the “Show accent marks and special characters” option in the Keyboard Settings. Then, when you long press a letter, you’ll see accent options. Just press the number corresponding to the accent you need and you’ll be able to type café like a local.

6. Change your screen display for a more comfortable view

Need to work late? Consider turning on Night Light and Dark Theme for a more comfortable experience. Night Light reduces the blue light of the screen and displays warmer tones, which aligns better with a natural sleep schedule while Dark Theme helps reduce screen glare, which can help reduce eye fatigue so you can work in any type of light.

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