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35 Mother-Daughter Tattoos to Solidify Your Bond

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It’s a lucky thing to have your mom as one of your best friends in life. Sure, you might have gotten into little squabbles over significant others and eye makeup when you were 13, but nothing compares to the bond you have with the person who brought you into this world. And what better way to celebrate that relationship than with mother-daughter tattoos? Getting a tattoo is one of the easiest ways to commemorate a special moment, date, or loved one, and in this case, sentimental mother-daughter tattoos are a permanent message to all that will listen, exactly how much you love your mom.

If you’ve been on the hunt for ideas to inspire your own design, the beauty in body art is that you’re in charge. This means that whether you want a hyperrealistic tattoo or a more obscure quote design — you get the final say on what goes onto your (and your mom’s) body. Symbols that represented something important in your relationship are a popular option, such as a type of flower, matching hearts, or butterflies. Alternatively, popular mother daughter quotes for tattoos can come from song lyrics (throwback to “You Are My Sunshine,” anyone?) or a personal phrase from your childhood — perhaps a nickname or a book you read together growing up. It’s always nice to put a little extra thought behind the design to give the tattoo an extra meaningful touch.

Ready to jump in? Keep reading for mother daughter tattoo ideas, from hidden ink to small tattoo designs and beyond.

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