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What Perfume Does Taylor Swift Wear?

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In the era of social media, it’s pretty easy to figure out your favorite celebrity’s most prized beauty products. From their go-to foundations to their must-have mascaras, you’re more likely to know what a star wears than what they don’t. Still, there is one category that’s harder to pinpoint (unless you happen to walk by them on the street): their favorite perfumes.

Not only that, but when you’re as big of a celebrity as say, Taylor Swift, trying to get any details on their beauty routine is like trying to infiltrate a vault in a maximum security building. While we were able to uncover her go-to red lipstick — spoiler alert: it’s by Pat McGrath Labs — figuring out which perfume Taylor Swift wears wasn’t as easy. Luckily, she’s left a few hints over the years.

First, there are the now-discontinued scents that the star created in partnership with Elizabeth Arden: Wonderstruck, which came out in 2011, followed by Wonderstruck Enchanted in 2012, Taylor in 2013, Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight in 2014, and Incredible Things later that year. Each fragrance had similar olfactive notes, with a combination of fruity, floral, and woody accords.

Then, in Swift’s 2020 Netflix documentary “Miss Americana,” eagle-eyed fans spotted a bottle of Tom Ford’s Santal Blush ($195) among a few other beauty products like L’Oreal’s Elnett Spray ($13) as well as toothpicks. The eau de parfum contains notes like cinnamon bark, ylang-ylang, and Australian sandalwood, which perfectly lines up with Swift’s previous affinity for warmer, more woody fragrances — just in a more elevated fashion.

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On Reddit, one person, who says they’ve been to a Secret Session — which is where fans are hand-picked to go to Swift’s houses or hotels to listen to songs from her albums before they’re public — shared some insights. They wrote that they learned from other Swifties that one of the singer’s favorite scents is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf ($180). (This speculation has even gained traction on TikTok, sparking countless videos claiming the same.) The popular perfume has notes of jasmine, rose, vanilla, and amber, once again confirming Swift’s affinity for sweet, woody perfumes. Other fans have claimed on social media that she loves the fragrances Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille ($195), Hot Couture from Givenchy ($131), among others.

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Neither Swift nor any of the brands above have openly confirmed that she wears any of these perfumes — although we did reach out for comment, just in case — so this list is speculative at best. However, at this point, Swifties could rival the FBI with their investigative skills, so if anyone will go on an easter egg hunt to find the right answer, it’s them.

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