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The Hime Haircut Will Turn Heads

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If you’ve been keeping up with fashion it-girls like Cardi B or Ah-Niyah Gold, then you’ve likely noticed a new hairstyle making its rounds in their circles: the hime haircut. The look may be all over social media lately, but it’s actually been around in Japanese culture for centuries. So what is it, exactly?

“The hime haircut is a hairstyle that consists of three distinct levels,” hairstylist Philip Wolff tells PS. “It usually starts with a heavy fringe, then goes to a fairly abrupt and sharp bob length near the cheek or jaw. The rest is worn long down the back.”

The look is reminiscent of other styles that rely on sharp differentiations like the “jellyfish” cut, but it’s worth noting the cultural significance behind this one in particular before trying the trend. Ahead, Wolff explains everything you should know about the hime haircut, including how to achieve the style.

What Is a Hime Haircut?

In ancient Japan, the hime cut was a status symbol. “Back in the day, [it signified] Japanese royalty and nobility,” Wolff says. “It is said to be a hairstyle rooted in tradition and believed to be the court style among noblewomen during the Heian period. Hime is the word for ‘princess’ or a lady of higher birth.”

Though he acknowledges the style has become popular in high fashion circles, it’s important to know its origins. “Anyone can and should be able to wear their hair any way they choose,” Wolff says. “In some cases, it’s probably a good idea to know the history and meaning behind certain styles [as well].”

How to Get a Hime Haircut

When considering the hime haircut, it’s best to go to a professional. “To get this look, go to your hairstylist with pictures of the tri-level haircut and they will be able to help shape the different lengths to suit your face,” Wolff says. “It’s important to remember that this includes a full fringe of some sort, a bob length, and longer length in the back with each being very distinct from the other.”

Also of note: the hime haircut will look different on every hair type and face shape. Though it is usually worn straight, this can look incredible on textured, layered, or curly hair. Wolff’s best advice? Have fun with it.

At its core, the hime haircut is an elegant hairstyle with a rich history. “Its comeback shows how timeless Japanese beauty and fashion is,” Wolff says. “It’s always good to know a bit of the history behind things you wear and represent, but regardless of if you use wear it literally, use it as inspiration, or evolve it into something new, wear it with confidence.”

If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, keep reading for some hime haircut inspiration.

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