Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Deliver tailored, immersive ad experiences

We’re also introducing a series of enhancements to the AdMob mediation platform to amplify revenue impact for app publishers. First, we’re making new real-time bidding buyers available in AdMob. Unity Ads Network and ironSource Ads will soon be able to bid on publisher inventory available with AdMob.

We’ll also be releasing an upgraded mediation toolkit to help improve your ad operations. For publishers implementing a hybrid monetization strategy, AdMob’s mediation segmentation feature can tailor ad experiences based on different user behaviors. For example, you will be able to customize mediation settings like price floors, to ensure you’re optimizing for ads interactions for those less likely to purchase in-app content. And, for publishers who experiment with multiple mediation setups, AdMob’s improved A/B testing tool will deliver results in days, alongside reporting visuals and metrics. AdMob mediation segmentation and improved A/B testing are coming to beta soon.

In addition to an optimal mediation strategy, an elevated ad experience can bring even more player engagement and lifetime value. Now with immersive in-game ads, publishers will be able to reimagine the in-game ad experience and display an ad that blends naturally into game environments. It works across a spectrum of game genres, with ample placement opportunities such as intermission breaks, level progressions and more.

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