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Pixie Haircuts Are Trending in Hollywood

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If you thought bob haircuts were going to be the only short style taking over this winter, you’d be wrong. Taylor Hill’s new hairstyle has shined a spotlight on pixie crops, which are currently taking Hollywood by storm.

Hill’s new look was done by her go-to hairstylist, Danielle Priano, who’s responsible for the model’s last two major chops. Other recent fans of the style include Nicole Scherzinger, Zoey Deutch, Fantasia Barrino, Florence Pugh, Jayda Cheaves, and Jodie Turner-Smith, all breathing new life into the trend. These stars have been the blueprints for sculpted pixies and have worn them in numerous ways. While Barrino and Pugh like to experiment — sometimes even creating the illusion of other popular cuts, like buzz cuts and coifs — Cheaves and Turner-Smith stay true to the ’90s version of the cut, wearing it curled and fluffed to perfection.

Pixie cuts are typically three inches or shorter in length. The hair at the front of the head is usually slightly longer than the sides and back, which leaves much more room to play with different styling options. Though it would be logical to think that short hair would equal less work, it’s important to note that pixie haircuts can actually be fairly high-maintenance, especially if it’s a style that you want to commit to for a long time. This means more frequent trips to the salon for trims.

Still, pixies are incredibly versatile and can lean edgy or soft, depending on how you customize them. If you’re feeling inspired, take a look at all of the pixie haircut inspiration that’s come from Hollywood recently.

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