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Learn about freshwater on World Water Day

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Ecosystems that rely on freshwater, such as Wetlands and Peatlands are being adversely affected and their depletion means that not only will species become extinct, but it will have an effect on the adjacent land, people and our planet.

For example, carbon stored naturally in peatlands is released when these areas are dried out for agricultural use. As a result, peatlands are vulnerable to fire, exacerbating climate change and contributing to water pollution. This domino effect demonstrates how finely balanced and important these ecosystems are and how essential it is to preserve them.

There are many innovators working on methods of preserving, recycling, minimizing use of and filtering water. The Index Project gives us a few ideas, from the shower of the future to a solar powered water purification system. Discover how a village close to Jaipur is defeating drought and poverty through rainwater harvesting for crops and learn about the city designed to store and reuse water. Some are actions we can take as individuals, and others use innovative technologies at scale, but all are designed to help people sustainably utilize or access freshwater.

Perhaps exploring this site will inspire you to come up with an innovative way to save water? While you’re working on the next invention, there are simple things that we can all do to help right now. And if you’re a teacher there are lesson plans looking at climate change that you can use in the classroom or give to students as worksheets.

Learn about freshwater at goo.gle/freshwater and learn more about the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration here.

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