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Highlights For Blond Hair: Ideas and Inspiration

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Making a small tweak to your hair can be impactful and eye-catching. If you’re looking to spice up your blond hair, you don’t have to go to extreme lengths, like changing your hair color entirely, to satisfy that desire for a change. Instead, opting for blond highlights can make your look feel fresh and new.

Highlights are ideal if you’re looking to ease yourself into the world of hair dye. There are practically endless styles and techniques to choose from and this versatility means you can customize the shade to your preferences and skin tone, whether you’re searching for flattering colors for cool tones or shades for warm skin tones.

There’s also room to go bold with your highlights by testing out new trends like money-piece highlights or chunky highlights. The hair color technique can look both super natural, as if you’ve simply been kissed by the sun, and impactful, depending on what style you go for.

Are you interested in adding highlights to your hair but not sure where to start? We spoke with Rachel Bodt, a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Homecoming Hair Salon, who provided her insight for the best highlights for blond hair. Keep reading to get some inspiration before your next hair appointment.

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