Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google, Microsoft and Nucor announce clean energy initiative

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To reach our ambitious goal of running on 24/7 carbon-free energy, we need to procure clean energy to meet our electricity demand at every hour of every day, everywhere that we operate.

While wind and solar technologies play a significant role in our efforts today, we will need a broader portfolio of advanced clean electricity technologies — such as next-generation geothermal, advanced nuclear, clean hydrogen and long-duration energy storage — to enable us to fully decarbonize our energy consumption. And according to leading global energy experts, these kinds of advanced clean energy technologies are also critical to cost-effectively decarbonize global electricity grids, offering a clean source of power for times and locations where solar and wind power are not available or affordable.

Today we announced that we’re working with Microsoft and Nucor to aggregate demand for advanced clean electricity technologies, accelerate their commercialization and make them more widely available for all energy consumers.

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