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Fuerza Regida Cancel Rolling Loud Performance for ‘Personal Emergency’

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Fuerza Regida canceled their appearance at Rolling Loud, which was scheduled to take place on Saturday. The festival added rapper OhGeesy to the lineup in the band’s absence. The Mexican American regional Mexican band cited an unspecified “personal emergency” as their reason for not being able to perform at the festival. They are the third música Mexicana act to leave the festival’s bill this year following the exit of Junior H and Natanael Cano earlier in the week.

“Angelenos, we apologize for not being able to present today at Rolling Loud,” Fuerza Regida posted on social media. “We had a personal emergency come up that doesn’t allow us to do the show.

“To be clear, this unfortunate cancellation is on us and not Rolling Loud,” they added. “We wish we could be there with you today. Our family Rolling Loud has left the door open for us in the future so we hope to see you at a later date.”

Last week, days before the festival, Junior H and Natanael Cano also departed the festival’s lineup, with organizers and their label giving conflicting reasons why the two artists were no longer on the bill.

Jimmy Humilde, the owner and CEO of the artists’ record label Rancho Humilde, claimed on Instagram that the festival had “canceled us last minute,” and described Rolling Loud as “racist” in the lineup artwork he shared with his post.

Meanwhile, a rep for the festival told Rolling Stone that Cano experienced issues with his visa and Junior H breached his contract.


“Unfortunately, Natanael Cano and Junior H will not be performing at Rolling Loud California 2024,” a rep for Rolling Loud said. “Natanael Cano did not obtain the necessary work permits or visas to enable him to perform at the festival. Junior H will not be performing due to several breaches of contract, including the festival’s radius terms.”

Fuerza Regida, Cano, and Junior H were three música Mexicana acts designated in “special guest” slots at the hip-hop-focused festival. Rancho Humilde artist Chino Pacas, who was booked on Friday, performed as one of the second-line acts.

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