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Dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah’s Skin-Care Recommendations

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If you’re on the skin-care side of TikTok, you probably see board-certified dermatologist Muneeb Shah, MD of @dermdoctor debunking viral trends, answering all your skin-care questions, giving the rundown on all things pores, and so much more. He enjoys the variety dermatology has to offer but he’s truly passionate about improving the quality of his patients’ lives and making a difference in their confidence.

“I started to think, where am I falling short with my product recommendations, and asked myself, how could I make people’s lives simpler?” Dr. Shah tells PS. He took note of his followers’ main concerns, from skin conditions to streamlined routines and price points, and it inspired him to create Remedy, a skin-care line with clinically-backed, all-in-one treatments for common skin-care concerns.

Dr. Shah’s rise to TikTok fame was unintentional and started during the pandemic. “I saw all of this misinformation, especially on TikTok — some of the top searches for acne and acne scars were done by non-experts,” he says. “I became heavily convinced that you need to be where the misinformation starts.” He stitched videos to let followers know the best course of action to solve their skin woes, what products he recommends, and answer any questions. “I saw this white space, and it became immediately clear when those videos started going viral.”

Dr. Shah analyzed his most frequently asked skin-care questions and noticed that his followers’ two main concerns were pores and dark spots. “Every time I post a video about pores or sebaceous filaments, it goes crazy viral – those are my best-performing videos ever,” says Dr. Shah. A common misconception is that you can use products to get rid of your pores, but that’s untrue. “You can’t eliminate your pores, and you can’t stop your pores from producing oil, and nor would you want to because it gives your skin hydration and produces the lipids that are going to make it soft,” he says. “For pores, I would always recommend the same things, like retinol, salicylic acid, and niacinamide, almost on repeat.” Rather than tell people to buy multiple products, with Remedy, he wants to create products that that it it.

Dr. Shah realizes that the world of skin care can be confusing, between the buzzy product names and sheer number of options out there. “People want remedies for their skin, and this is a problem-solution brand,” he says. The line features three products: Remedy For Pore Size, Remedy For Dark Spots, and Remedy For Dry Lips, all at a reasonable price point, ranging from $16 to $38. “If you don’t know anything about skin care and you just know that you have dark spots and want a solution, you can find Remedy For Dark Spots,” he says. “I am really just trying to meet customers and followers where they are.”

Ahead, Dr. Shah shares his top skin-care recommendations, but first, he lets us in on some of his underrated skin-care tips. He recommends switching out your towels, bed sheets, and pillowcases frequently and changing your shirt after working out if you have back or body acne. He also says that while most product marketing promises a change in two weeks, “you can’t give up for at least two months — consistency is so key. The big misconception is that one treatment is going to solve it, but really, it’s more of a long-term commitment.” From his favorite cleanser and sunscreen picks to an at-home beauty device that’s worth the investment, keep reading to check out Dr. Shah’s favorite skin-care products.

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